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Red Wine 0.375 ml


12.90 lv

One of the most traditional Sicilian grape varieties, with a deep colour and powerful structure. The grapes, picked in the middle of September, are vinified on their own in small, stainless steel containers, with temperature-controlled medium long macerations. A wine with a bright red colour, a bouquet of ripe fruit and an intense and balanced flavour. 

The grapes: 100% Nero d'Avola. 
The vineyard: selected parcels of vines cultivated at between 300 and 400 metres above sea level trained by the Guyot system on clay soil with limited yields of grapes per hectare.
The vinification: the grapes, picked in mid-September, are vinified on their own by the red wine method in small, stainless steel containers. Average to long macerations and controlled-temperatures help to give the product a good structure.
The wine: ruby-red colour, with a bouquet of ripe fruit. It has a balanced and intense flavour.
Analytical details: 13% alcohol; 4.95 g/l total acidity; 3.51 pH; 4 g/l residual sugar; 27.7 g/l dry extract.