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White Wine 0.375 ml

Frascati Terre di Grifi

9.90 lv

The grapes: 50% Malvasia Bianca di Candia, 30% Trebbiano Toscano, 10% Malvasia Del Lazio,
10% Greco.

The vineyard: selected vineyards on the hills of the DOC zone (at an altitude of 200 to 400 metres) in
the communes of Frascati, Monteporzio Catone, Grottaferrata, and partly in
Montecompatri and Rome. The loose permeable volcanic soil, dry without being arid, is
the typical "terrinella" (pozzolana, rich in potassium, phosphorous and micro-elements)
which is ideal for growing grapes. The espalier, Guyot and spurred cordon training
systems are used.

Vinification: the thoroughly ripe grapes, harvested in the first decade of October and immediately
taken to the winery, are partly cooled and left to macerate at low temperature for 12
hours before soft pressing. The free run, transferred when cold, ferments for two weeks
at a controlled temperature (15-18°C) before the addition of a "pied de cuve" prepared
using selected indigenous yeasts. The completion of fermentation is followed by a rest
period on the yeasts at low temperature. Then comes decanting and the formation of the
blend which ages in temperature-controlled steel vats until bottling. The long rest on the
yeasts – as used to be the practice – enriches the nose and the palate.

The wine: a bright yellow colour, with tenuous greenish hues; an ample pervasive perfume with a
distinct fragrance of meadow flowers and exotic fruit and with hints of moss and of
almonds; a dry, full and smooth taste which is nevertheless fresh and lively, with an
engagingly lingering elegant fruity aftertaste of ripe pear and green almonds.